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Bachelor of Science in Business Management: Hospitality and 旅游

Designed to prepare you for a career in the hospitality and tourism industry, you’ll learn the business basics while developing 技能 and knowledge in various hospitality sectors including customer service, revenue management, restaurant design, menu engineering, venue management, and itinerary creation.

What You'll Learn

You’ll learn the essential business principles — such as business applications, 法律, human resources, and marketing — but also gain a global perspective, emphasizing the creative decision-making techniques needed to succeed in the hospitality and tourism industry whether you plan to stay nearby or travel the globe. With the foundational knowledge of hospitality and tourism operations and 经验s, and you will develop the leadershipy to successfully operate a hospitality and tourism organization. You will be able to formulate business decisions in hospitality and tourism management, and you develop the leadership principles necessary to be a beacon in the diverse and global hospitality and tourism industry.

Blaze Your Path


I love the Business Management Hospitality and 旅游 program because I am learning from faculty who are true leaders in the field. As I approach graduation, I feel confident that I have the education, 经验, and leadership 技能 that I need to succeed.

— Helen Chinn

What I love about Business Management on the hospitality track is that you learn so much about how to run a restaurant, execute an event, or even manage a stadium. When I had to create my own restaurant for restaurant management, I had to design my own menus and create floor plans for my restaurant.

— Dylan Hunter

Sample Courses

Event Management

This course views the methods of organizing various events. Preparing for events such as  conventions, 仪式, 显示, sporting events, and other small to large events. Areas of event planning that will be discussed are security, organization of the site, 人员, communications, and creativity

旅游 Management

旅游 is a dynamic field where business, government, and society intersect. This course explores the major concepts in tourism such as what makes tourism possible and how it can affect the economy of a nation or region. This course will provide an overview of the principles, 实践, and philosophies that can affect the cultural, 社会, 经济, psychological, and marketing aspects of the travel and tourism industry.

Restaurant Management

Principles of current food and beverage management are presented. Topic areas include management and leadership, communications, and working with the restaurant industry whether it is a chain or privately owned. 学生 will apply these concepts during college-wide events.

Hotel Management

This course is an overview of managing in the lodging industry. 学生 will explore various careers available in the hotel industry. Topics include management and leadership, communications, working with management companies, and ethics within the industry.

Hospitality Information Systems

An introduction to the use and application of information systems in the hospitality field. 学生 will run reports related to the industry and make decisions from the reports. 学生 will examine reports in areas such as forecasting, 库存, reservations, 人员, and scheduling.

Hospitality Law

A review of the 法律s and regulations that govern the hospitality field is presented. 学生 are exposed to 法律s that relate to employment and civil rights. Other 法律s include liabilities in the lodging and food industries. Contracts and various legal forms will also be presented.

Field Experience and 实习

Business Management, Hospitality, and 旅游 majors are required are required to complete 80 hours of experiential learning and 实习. The knowledge, 技能, and 经验 you gain — in the classroom and through 实习 — will boost your resume and your confidence with real-world work 经验. Recent internship 经验s at Disney World, Marriott Hotel Palm Beach, and Old Faithful Upper Yellowstone National Park.

Experiential Learning

Offering directed excursions for academic majors, the experiential learning trips include itineraries that are geared toward specific degree programs, like the Business Management Hospitality and 旅游 program’s Royal Caribbean cruise. The focus is out-of-the-classroom learning related to a specific degree program. Any enrolled Beacon student may apply with priority to degree-specific students. Costs vary depending on location.

Career Opportunities

学生 with a B.S. in Business Management Hospitality and 旅游 can immediately begin working in the field or continue to graduate school for advanced study.

  • Hotel manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • Event management
  • Resort management
  • 旅游
  • Convention event management
  • Club manager
  • Front office clerk
  • Night auditor
  • Food and beverage director
  • Tour director
  • Cruise director

Meet Your 教练s

Hospitality Minor

A minor in Business Management Hospitality and 旅游 provides students with the groundwork for incorporating business 技能 into various organizations through knowledge of hospitality basics such as events, 酒店, and restaurant management. The minor is an excellent complement to a degree in CIS Web and Digital 媒体, 人文学科, or Human Services.

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