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Bachelor of Arts in Human Services

Are you passionate about helping others? 旨在为您在各种人道主义专业的进一步学习或职业生涯做好准备, you’ll learn to think critically, analyze and apply psychological theories, conduct yourself professionally and ethically, and also how to work on a team. 我们经验丰富的教师曾担任过各种人力服务职位, 这样你就能直接看到你在课堂上学到的东西是如何应用到现实世界中的.

What You'll Learn

As a Human Services major, 你将研究当前的社会问题和人类服务趋势对社会的影响, including mental/behavioral health, domestic violence, abuse, neglect, poverty, and substance abuse and dependence. 您还将获得所需的技能,帮助改善我们社会中最弱势群体的生活,透彻了解如何识别社区资源, problem-solve solutions, and act as a client advocate in a variety of settings.

Tailoring Your Degree


Develop a deeper understanding of the “how and why” of human behavior.

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Business Management

Tailored for you to enter the administrative side of human services.

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Criminal Justice

Provides valuable insight into criminology and the legal system.

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I am glad I picked Human Services as my major at Beacon. With this major, 我对工作中可能遇到的问题有了很多了解,我觉得自己已经准备好进入职场了. 人类服务部的教授非常出色,非常乐于助人.

— Ashley Trapp

Many career paths are open to me through the Human Services program, like becoming a social worker or any type of counselor. 这个项目中我最喜欢的部分是各种有趣的课程,比如社会政策.

— Genevieve Cabai

Sample Courses

Introduction to Human Services

从历史、文化和政治角度对人类服务领域进行概述. 探讨了在当代社会中人类服务的必要性的哲学和理论基础.

Social Policy

本课程探讨人力服务机构组织中涉及的运作因素, 包括涉及财政管理的机构内和机构间通讯网络. 此外,本课程关注美国社会福利的主要方面. The course will focus on the policy-making process, the government and social welfare, and understanding and preventing poverty. 学生将学习社会政策在美国社会中的作用及其对人类服务专业的影响.

The Family

分析和理解个体的跨文化方法, marriage, family, and society. 探讨冲突和解决家庭问题和社会中不断变化的家庭制度.

Methods of Social Research

本课程涵盖在社会科学研究中使用科学方法的基本要素. 所涵盖的主题包括定量和定性社会研究的技术和方法,因为它们与假设检验有关, research design, measurement, quantitative data collection methods (surveys, experiments, and single-subject design), and statistical data analysis. The ethics, politics, 以及社会研究在人类服务中的应用——包括如何制定并向机构审查委员会提交研究提案——也包括在内.

Child and Early Adult Development

This course is a survey of the basis of human growth and development. Emotional, mental, physical, and social needs of children, adolescents, and early adults are reviewed. 对影响和塑造行为和人格的多种因素进行了分析.

Issues and Practices in Child Welfare

本课程旨在帮助学生为儿童和家庭工作做好准备. 它将向学生介绍当前影响儿童和家庭的问题,如贫困, lack of health care, child abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquency, substance abuse, bullying, homelessness, and teen pregnancy. 将探讨现行立法与为儿童和家庭提供的服务(如教育方案)之间的关系, mental health counseling, foster care and adoption, daycare programs, and residential care. 还将讨论与儿童和家庭有关的项目开发的最佳实践.

Ethical Issues in Human Services

对人类服务行业范围内道德行为的原则和理论的现代调查. The behaviors of professionals, consumers, 组织在道德责任的全面研究中被仔细审查,道德责任指导了人类服务交付中固有的相互关系. 道德判断和道德决策适用于社会政策的制定和实施及其调控.

Field Experience and Internships

人类服务专业的学生必须完成80小时的体验式学习 internships. The knowledge, skills, 而你在课堂上和实习中获得的经验,将为你的简历增光添花,并增强你在实际工作经验中的信心. Recent internship experiences include working with case workers, counselors, social workers, community outreach, and more.

Career Opportunities


  • Marriage and family counseling
  • Veterans services
  • Children, youth, and family services
  • Rehabilitation case worker
  • Disability services
  • Social work assistant
  • Community outreach worker
  • Child welfare specialist
  • Mental health counselor
  • School counselor
  • Substance abuse counselor
  • Probation officer
  • Home health aide
  • Daycare worker
  • Teaching assistant
  • Mental health counseling

Human Services Minor

Open to all Beacon students, 人类服务辅修课程为学生提供人道主义项目的广阔视野, and it can be combined with a degree in another field such as Business Management.

Associate of Arts in Human Services 

人文服务副学士学位为学生进入劳动力市场或继续深造或接受专业培训提供教育基础. The A.A. 课程要求完成61个学分,其中专业18个学分.

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